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Why would I need an agent?

Professional teams and corporate brands are represented by skilled lawyers and negotiators who will do everything they can to minimize the amount of money they pay you to sign a contract.  They will seek to have the contract worded in such a way that gives their employer advantages over you that are often unfair. This is why you need Level Up. We will make sure that you are paid what you deserve and that you fully understand every aspect of the contract you are being offered.  Level Up will protect you from being taken advantage of. Furthermore, there are many unrealized opportunities that Level Up will make available through our connections with the industry.

How do I know you will work in my best interest if I hire you?

By law, agents have a fiduciary duty towards their clients.  This means, in plain English, that agents are required by law to act in the selfless best interests of their clients.  Agents must put their client’s interests before their own. They must always do what is best for their clients and not what is best for them.  Any agent who fails to do so can be sued.

How much do you charge?

Level Up charges no money upfront. Instead, we work on a contingency basis.  This means that when you sign an agency agreement with Level Up, you do not need to pay us any money for us to become your agents. Level Up takes a percentage of any sponsorship deal or professional player contract that they negotiate on your behalf. We only get paid when you get paid. If we are unsuccessful negotiating deals on your behalf, you pay us nothing.

Do I have to sign a contract if you negotiate it for me?

Of course not! It will always be up to you if you want to sign any deal that Level Up negotiates on your behalf.  We will negotiate for you, get you the best deal possible, and advise you about all aspects of the deal so that you know exactly what you are being asked to sign. But in the end… it is always your decision if you want to sign or not. Level Up only acts for your best interests and will never pressure you into signing a contract.

What kinds of contracts do you negotiate for your clients?

Level Up represents the world’s best content creators and professional Esport players.  The contracts we negotiate for you will depend on what you do and what you are looking for.  If you are a professional Esports player, we will negotiate with professional teams to get you the largest salary possible and we will get you sponsorship contracts from brands that want to advertise in the Esports space. If you are a content creator, we will negotiate with corporate brands to get you the best sponsorship deals.

Can you represent clients who do not live in Canada?

Yes, Level Up is able to represent clients in contract negotiations all over the world. If you live in another country, we can represent you. If you live in Canada and are interested in going pro in another country, we can represent you. We work for clients in North America, China, South Korea, Southeast Asia, Europe, Oceania, as well as Central and South America.

Does Level Up take anyone who is interested in Esports or content creation as clients?

No.  Level Up is only interested in representing people who have the potential to be a professional player or popular content creator. For competitive players, we will look at your rank and your ability to make sure that you are a good enough player to play on a professional team.  We have to see that you have the potential to be a professional player. For content creators, Level Up looks for clients who have already built a substantial organic following for their content but are looking to grow and reach out to a larger audience. Our job is not to start your career in Esports or content creation for you, but to take talented people to a place where they are getting paid doing what they love!

How do I hire you as my agent?

The first step is to give our company a call or an email.   We will ask you to provide us with some details about yourself. We will also want to know whether you are more interested in content creation or going pro.  Once we review that information, we will contact you and set up an appointment at one of our offices, or set up a meeting online. In some circumstances, a Level Up agent may be able to travel to meet you in person.

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